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MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT "traumatizing experiences" are always something major like a catastrophic event, assault, death, rape, etc., but actually "it" can be something small. "Trauma" is anything that makes you feel unsafe, insecure, and unstable.

When you understand that "traumatic experiences" are both big and small foxes that spoil the vine of your Fatih, then you will see the need to invest in yourself or the life of another with the book, "Is Freedom your Reflection in the Mirror? Eight Steps to Overcoming Trauma (Second Edition)."

In the book, "Is Freedom your Reflection in the Mirror?" you will learn how to reclaim your identity to live your best life after a "traumatic experience." Author Nataushia Miller tells her story of overcoming one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States "Hurricane Katrina" (a hurricane considered to be the most destructive Atlantic Tropical Cyclone of the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season). She strategically shares her candid story in a way that will guide you through a healing process by compelling you to do the following:
(a) Reflect upon your own traumatic experiences.
(b) Release the emotional, mental, and spiritual residue from those experiences.
(c) Restore your mind, spirit, and soul back to health.

Indeed, trauma has memory, but with a replenished mind there is life after that! The time is now to reclaim your freedom! Begin renewing your mind with this book today! Your best self to come awaits you!


"Is Freedom your Reflection in the Mirror? Eight Steps to Overcoming Trauma" is a powerful tool to navigate anyone who has or has witnessed anyone that has experienced Trauma. This book is amazing! I thank the author, Nataushia Miller, for surviving and bringing a wealth of freedom! Is Freedom my reflection!!!
~Apostle Ezreaonne Jackson, MDiv.

As a true survivor, Nataushia Miller gives readers a first-hand look at the dilemmas, so many of us face every day, and more importantly, what we can do to overcome these challenges and reclaim our FREEDOM. Nataushia Miller’s book, "Is FREEDOM your Reflection in the Mirror? Eight Steps to Overcoming Trauma" will leave you truly inspired and empowered—Read it!”
~Justin M.G. Mendez, Author, Coach & Award Winning Speaker


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